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Author, Content Writer, Digital Content Strategist, SEO Pro

A project ready professional content writer, at your service for digital marketing and SEO.

My name is Ray Wyman Jr.  I am a content writer, digital content marketing and SEO pro with a consistent and proven history of successfully elevating the online visibility of websites across many business sectors and industries.

  • I have over 30 years of experience in copywriting for marketing and public relations.
  • I have comprehensive SEO management skills that include on-page and technical backend optimization.
  • I am well-versed with big SEO tools like GA, GSC, SEMRush, Moz, and Ahref.
  • I am proficient in front-end WordPress admin operations.
  • I’m familiar with video and graphics production (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut).

Please review the recommendations and endorsements I’ve generated on my LinkedIn profile. And if you want to dig further, please visit my Marketing 101 blog.

Why is the cover of The Art of Jack Kirby on my sidebar? Because I researched, wrote, published, promoted and sold 11,000 copies of the book. See the book for yourself on Google Books. Read about what I did below.

Content Development and SEO Services Offered

Currently, I’m chiefly offering these services for content development, SEO, and SERP:

  • Content Writing and development: As a freelance content creator with over 35 years of experience, I produce lots of written material. I also have considerable experience with video and graphic production. I am also available for ghost blogging.
  • Keyword Assessment, SERP Planning: I’ll assess the keyword landscape for you and give you insight into how you can improve search visibility and search results ranking. I’ll help you develop a content marketing strategy that includes the keywords your target audience uses to find content.
  • SEO Assessment: I will assess where you are now (search visibility, ranking, competitors) and what you need to do to increase target audience engagement and online presence. Since SEO is incremental, I’ll also include a technical SEO assessment that provides for page speed, core values, schema (structured data), accessibility, and other aspects. I can also work on specific tasks like deploying metadata and schema.

Hire a high-level content pro.

You set the parameters for deliverables; I’ll tell you how best I can accomplish your goals. Contact me for an interview or to discuss your project.

Career Biography

I’ve been working in content development and SEO for about 26 years. 

Most recently, I worked on websites and content development programs for dozens of professional clients (primarily physicians, dentists, and attorneys), dozens more corporate startups, and a few marquis companies like Sun Microsystems, Texas Instruments, Clean Energy Fuels ($CLNE), Ernst & Young (Irvine, CA), SonicWall and the World Trade Centers Association.

The path that led me into digital marketing was when I taught myself HTML coding and launched my first website in 1997. Around that time, I was working with the first online college application service, CollegeNet, and volunteered for the NetDay96 initiative. As part of that program, I created an HTML template to help hundreds of high schools, colleges, universities and nonprofits launch their first websites. About that time, I started working for the Judicial Council of California (California Courts) on their new online Self-Help section and their first SEO project. 

In 1993, I wrote and researched “The Art of Jack Kirby,” the first comprehensive large-format biography and bibliography for Jack Kirby, the celebrated comic book artist who created or co-created indelible characters like Captain America, The Hulk, and The Fantastic Four. Around that time, I also wrote a few stories for the Star Trek television franchise.

Before that, I held editorial positions at several local print lifestyle magazines, and a bit before that, I ran a well-known local agency that specialized in producing and publishing company newsletters, annual reports and other large-format business literature. My early career included working as a freelance journalist for several local newspapers and magazines, a freelance copywriter and researcher for several public relations firms, and as a technical illustrator and writer for the aerospace industry in Southern California. 

My life is marketing communications. I’m currently conducting private research on the safe and responsible use of AI-generated text content. My prior SEO research led to a simple method for creating long-tail content funnels for websites in highly competitive vertical markets. I’ve begun writing about these experiments and other experiences on LinkedIn, YouTube, and my blog

I am also transitioning into other forms of writing (a novel and podcast program). Still, I remain an ongoing and current professional communicator with skills and training compliant with today’s vibrant digital marketing ecology.

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