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My clients often retain me to manage large projects – especially for content development and business writing. Sometimes I will serve as a bridge during a short-term staffing gap. I work on a project-by-project basis as well.

When working on retainer, the client and I work out a schedule for communication. If appropriate, the schedule will include both on-site and off-site production, including regular meetings with staff and/or management. I prefer retainers contracted on 6-month increments, but I will discuss shorter or longer arrangements. The monthly flat rate fee is negotiated and includes expenses such as phone calls, travel, materials, and ‘as needed’ third-party services. I’m also available for on-call writing assignments and consultation.

I may fulfill one of the staffing roles below:

Marketing Communications

The role of a “communications manager” encompasses a broad range of tasks, including planning and coordination of various inbound and outbound communications activities. A marketing  communications manager may create policies and procedures or create them as needed on behalf of the company. I’m usually contracted to act as part of the marketing team, perhaps interfacing with an existing marketing/public relations department and/or agency plus other departments within the company. Often times, I am the marketing department – a one-man band. Tasks may include producing marketing assets (online and print) as needed. I will also monitor company media, implement/utilize electronic publishing technology, catalog existing documents, manage multiple projects, produce and publish materials, estimate production costs, and work with or supervise other producers. I may help assess production costs and oversee work done by external suppliers. I often draw on my familiarity with a variety of concepts, practices, and procedures in the performance of my duties, often relying on personal judgment about how to achieve your marketing/communication goals.

Content Creator

Here I also can assume the role of a “senior writer/editor,” which could narrow the scope of writing, editing, proofreading, and editing. For organizations that need to produce a large volume of content, my work shifts to create a content development strategy that meshes with your overall marketing goals. Instead of thinking of your website as a fixed place on the net – think of yourself as a magazine communicating and engaging your readers on a wide range of topics. I will plan and prepare documents for dissemination. I may also coordinate content creation with artwork and graphics, photography, and research. On occasion and especially if there are other content creators working on the same project, my duties may include implementation and enforcement of editorial policies and standards. Often I will supervise work performed by other writers. I may be asked to research, develop, investigate, and write news stories through interviews, observation, and library and/or online resources. I may determine the tone and intended audience of story(ies). This role may also involve social media, article syndication, video production, and other content development activities.

Sample Fees, Tasks

Below is a sampling of fees based on frequently contracted work. If your needs are more specific, I am happy to quote project-by-project. Use the following table as a means of comparison shopping. Your fees will be depended upon my assessment of your project.

Task Description
Content Creation
Website Development
Write optimized content based on client-supplied input or sometimes creatively with full editorial freedom (e.g., blogs, social media). Includes keyword research. May include charts, diagrams, other graphical illustrations. Final fee determined upon interview with client. Fee range: $200 – 800 (per page)
Small Business Website Including content creation (with client input), additional writing, and some design (often in collaboration with a graphic designer). Limited number of pages determined upon commission of project. WordPress only, basic template (template customization available). Fee range: $3,200 – $5,000
Expanded Business Website Includes content creation and design (in collaboration with a high-level graphic designer). I will work out concept and promotion strategy with client; assess target key performance indicators (KPIs), and generate editorial/development program that supports optimization targets. I will develop the production schedule, manage content development, and graphic design development. Unlimited number of pages. Customized WordPress template. Fee range: $8,000 and up.
YouTube Executive Video Add a high-quality video/audio (example: for testimonial, company overview, product explainer) to your website. Requires script development with video shoot of one person reading script on-camera via teleprompter. Requires client-supplied materials (text, photography, logo, access for editing, space for interview). Includes 30 minutes of “b-roll” video shot at same location as interview. Also includes posting on YouTube, optimized for search. Additional fees for travel time, milage, additional graphics and video equipment (if needed). Fee: $350, each video (minimum 5 videos).
Press Release Writing/Editing Write/edit a press release usually based on client-supplied materials and/or phone/email interviews. Fee range: Regular ‘online’ press release, $250; Financial press release $499, or full national release $1,500. Includes wire submission fees (PRNewswire, BusinessWire, PRWeb, iReach).
Public Relations – Investor Relations A 6-month program may include an initial PR evaluation, strategy planning, writing press releases, media relations, and other actions. The “investor relations” role provides a contact for public entity (answering to press release and disseminate company information). Fee: $1,200 and up per month.
Website Promotion Examples: Keyword research and (optimization editing) of existing text. Site submission to search engines, blind in-site text placements. May also include set-up and managing of commercial blog (WordPress) and social media set-up, writing/editing of client-supplied materials for press release submissions via PRWeb (submission fee not included). Fee Range: $750 – $1,200/mo (min 6 months), plus $350 SEO package (10 keywords for top 10 page placement).
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