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I prefer to provide my services on a remote work basis. I am accustomed to working on an hourly basis, by project, or with a multi-month contract. We can discuss arrangements that fit your business requirements.

Please consider these job descriptions for services:

Marketing Communications Pro and Coach

In the services role of a “marketing communications pro and coach,” I offer support in a broad range of areas, including (but not limited to) working with you or a small team on whatever marcom activities you need. I can also act as a project manager, help you plan and coordinate digital content development, SEO, production schedules, monitor inbound and outbound communications activities, and manage outside agencies. As your coach, I’ll help you decode tools like SEMrush, MOZ, Google Docs & Sheets, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, and others. One of my favorite roles is helping another one-band-band become another successful solo act.

Digital Content Services

Services include “senior writer/editor” where I work with you or other team members to ensure my deliverables mesh with your marketing goals. I’ll help you devise a long term strategy or a short term sprint for a campaign. I can. help you plan and prepare content for dissemination via your website, social media platform, or print. I can help you coordinate content creation with artwork and graphics, photography,  and videography. My duties may also include implementation and enforcement of editorial policies and standards. I have professional experience (and creds) to supervise work performed by other writers. I can help you determine the tone and intended audience of story(ies). And I can help you devise a strategy to help you generate audience flow.

SEO Services

I can help you with your SEO strategy, coach you through it, or focus on one task – whichever service you wish. I have nearly 30 years of SEO experience. The ideal search engine strategy is one that builds strong visibility and ranking from a multi-layered approach to everything that touches your online presence. This holistic approach includes detailed keyword research that stems from an acute understanding how audiences search and interact with content. It involves meticulous page structure through style tags (H1, H2, H3), metadata, schema implementation, strategic hyperlinking, and optimized imagery, making content both visible and user-friendly. It should also include technical SEO where the focus is on performance metrics like load speed, mobile responsiveness, and other elements crucial for user experience. There’s also off-page strategies that include backlinking, content syndication, and social media engagement.

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